It’s Little Friday!

Little Friday. Aka: Thursday. The day of the week I will try to post a new, worthwhile post on my shiny new blog.

I am not a graceful homemaker or a DIY queen. I’m not so into selfies or fashion or “outfits of the day” or beauty tips. I’m not super crafty, but I do try to make things sometimes. I don’t order stuff on Amazon unless I absolutely have to.

I like to buy local things when I can, live pretty minimal, and minimize the amount of waste I create and throw away. When I buy something, I research forever and plan to buy it only once. I like to vegetarianize and veganize recipes. Even though I work a lotĀ and I’m career-oriented, I like to get outdoors and hike with my partner, go on road-trips, watch movies, read and work on personal projects.

So this is what this blog is about. It’s aboutĀ life as a newcomer in the Pacific Northwest and living in Seattle. It’s about hiking and camping as someone who only started doing that kind of stuff as an adult, it’s about local and high-quality stuff I like, my favorite things for doing what I love, and my sometimes sorry attempts at craftiness and DIY projects.

So stay tuned and read on.


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